A loudspeaker as an addition to an electric fireplace?

Loudspeaker as an additional gadget 🙂

A loudspeaker that imitates the sounds of wood burning in ordinary fireplaces 🙂
This invention is ideal for people who have electric fireplaces, to listen to the sound and relax in an armchair by the fireplace. Not only do fireplaces now have remote controls (you can find more about remote control here), they can also have an additional gadget :). I would like to point out in advance that, of course, the product is not only for people who have a fireplace. It is a cool gadget for everyone, it has a few functions and you don’t have to listen to just the imitation of the fireplace sound over and over again!

The loudspeaker does not need any connection with cables, it does not need to be near the fireplace for a given sound to play. You can put it anywhere, and it will make our moments pleasant by the fireplace 🙂
It has a lithium-polymer battery, which means that it is charged when the USB cable is connected to the computer.

The cool thing is that it has a memory card slot (of course, it is included in a 2 GB set), it allows you to upload your music and you can also turn on the radio function, search for your favorite station and listen to yourself at will 🙂
It is nice, small, handy, literally POCKET, so it can even be taken to the beaches, lake, barbecue, well, anywhere, to have a good time with family or friends. The loudspeaker has a built-in bluetooth, so you can easily and seamlessly connect it to your phone by playing your hits uploaded to your smartphone or YouTube (if you prefer :)). Its bluethooth range is up to 10m, so you can easily put it in a nearby place and entertain the company: P

On one of the websites that sells fireplaces, I found quite a comprehensive description of the functions and technical data of this speaker, so let me share it with you 🙂

Parametry głośnika

I wrote an e-mail to one of these companies (especially for you) asking if they have any sound file of this imitation, so that you can check it yourself 🙂

And what do you think about this product? It costs PLN 90, so it’s probably worth investing in, if only to listen to music. It is not a kitsch, because it is made by Esperanza and its workmanship is quite solid 🙂

I’m waiting for opinions !


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