Electric fireplaces – only decoration or effective heating?

As technology develops, and thus new solutions used in the production of electric fireplaces, I can confidently risk the thesis that both functions can be combined. When we look back at the development of the industry, we will certainly notice a huge leap, not only in terms of fireplace housings, but also the flame effect itself.

The decorative and decorative aspect can be considered in two categories.

  • Chimney cover
  • Flame effect

We will certainly find a housing that matches our interior, or one that will give the room character. From what I checked, we have a really wide range to choose from. We can find corner and simple enclosures (or those that have these two options as standard), classic stylized and decorated designs, as well as more and more often modern, with a simple structure, often with a gloss in various colors.

Above the fireplace Vigo rustical oak and Riviera BIO

When it comes to the effect of the flame, or even the appearance of the hearth itself, the producers have also gone a long way. On the market, especially on the Internet, we can find electric fireplace inserts in sizes from 18, 23 to even 28 and 33 inches. The flame is also more and more impressive, not to mention the methods of control. Recently, I have personally tested an electric fireplace under an American license. I admit that “fun”. The control was carried out using a remote control, and a control panel with functions selected by me was lit on the fireplace. The size of the flame, the speed of burning fire and the colors were under control.

The heating function was also activated by a remote control.

Here we come to the question, an electric fireplace as a heating device?

In my opinion, it can certainly be used as a reheating device. Additional heat source in unexpected situations or outside the heating period. The quick effect is definitely an advantage, i.e. immediately after switching on, the fireplace heats the room. Thanks to the use of a thermostat, we can control its operation more effectively.

Taking into account the prices of electricity (in Poland it comes mainly from “coal”), an electric fireplace can definitely perform a reheating function, I don’t think I need to convince anyone about the decorative aspects (maybe except for the owners of traditional fireplaces with live fire :))


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