Stone electric fireplaces – NEW on the market

Stone electric fireplaces a specific product!

Today I would like to introduce you to a novelty in the fireplace industry, which has attracted a lot of attention recently.
So far, wooden electric fireplaces have been on the market, and now there are two new models with a stone casing!

It made a big impression on me because it looks GREAT! The product really looks classy, ​​and the housing is made of stone veneer.

This technique allows you to create bricks from the mass, which are covered with raw material of crystalline slate, which gives the effect of a real natural stone look, as if they were hand-arranged by a qualified mason.

Each brick has a different shape and size, and its irregular surface shows a really interesting and unique image of the product, from which I could not take my eyes away, until I had to tangibly check how it relates to a real stone.

Such an electric fireplace fits into any interior of a house, apartment or even a restaurant in which it will create a cool atmosphere. Of course, it has all the additional functions that other fireplaces have, e.g. room heating.

Below are two stone electric fireplaces:

Stone VIGO – Desert stone

Rocky stone fireplace

In my opinion, fireplaces are worth attention, I myself consider the option of buying one of them 🙂
And what impression did he make when he looked at the photos? 🙂

You can find more stone fireplaces here:

Stone fireplaces


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