Electric fireplace controlled by a remote control?

In today’s article I would like to show you what the development of remote control technology in electric fireplaces looks like, what functions they have and what is the remote control of the fireplace.

Currently, remotes for electric cartridges have significantly expanded. There are more buttons on the remotes
and functions shown. The remotes are bigger, wider and thicker, but also easier to read for older people, the visible buttons are a huge plus.

Using them is as simple as the others, but the look is a bit different 🙂
These remotes are flat, their thickness is about 5mm. Holding it felt like I had a small smartphone in my hand. This is a huge plus as everyone follows technology. More buttons and less visually 🙂

Above, a photo of the remote control for the electric cartridge


  • Turn on / off the fireplace
  • The speed of the flame
  • Flame brightness (1 of 8 selectable +/-)
  • Temperature setting (10 to 32 degrees +/-)
  • TIMER setting (from 30min to 9 hours +/-)
  • Degree setting (F / C)

Above the wall fireplace remote control:


  • Turn on / off the fireplace
  • Flame brightness (1 of 8 selectable)
  • Heating (from 10 to 32 degrees)
  • Additional backlight

As you can see, technology is moving forward and everyone can get whatever is most convenient for them.
All fireplaces do not have the remote control function, and in my opinion, you need to pay special attention to this. It is really a great comfort, sitting in an armchair watching TV, you suddenly feel cold … You don’t want to get up, so what now?
You just have an electric fireplace controlled by a remote control – you reach for the remote control and turn on the heating function! Or you are sitting at the table and you need the room climate to take place, so you remotely turn on the flame effect 🙂
You don’t have to get up to the fireplace and press buttons on the panel to find the right function.
Each remote-controlled electric fireplace displays remotely the options that we have just turned on in our fireplace (it shows up and fades out after a few seconds)

You can find fireplaces here:
electric fireplaces


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