Wall mounted electric fireplace – comparison

Today I started looking for wall fireplaces with a good flame effect, fireplaces and of course to look good on the wall.

I found two fireplaces that caught my attention, so in today’s post I would like to show these two products, their differences in appearance, flame, power consumption and the most important, i.e. price differences.

Malibu 36 and Majestic 36

The first fireplace id Malibu 36 has the following dimensions:

-Width: 90 cm

-Height: 45 cm

-Depth: 16cm

The flame effect has a classic, obtained thanks to the imitation of a hearth of glowing logs. It also has basic functions, e.g. the heating effect or the flame itself without reheating the room. Of course, it has a fan heater, thermostat and can be remotely controlled with a remote control.

It is quite high, which will make it stand out in a given room. It has the necessary standard control functions. But … well, there will always be some but … The manufacturer saves on information on the Internet. It is not described how many and if it has levels of flame brightness, how many levels of flame size and to how many degrees you can heat a room with it. It is quite important for people who want to show off a great fireplace in front of their guests. Everyone would like to have as many flame effects as possible, the ability to play with the remote control (after all, this also affects the presentation at home)

The second fireplace is Majestic 36 has the following dimensions:

-Width: 92 cm

-Height: 54 cm

-Depth: 14 cm

The biggest difference in dimensions is in width.

The Aflamo product is visually 2 cm smaller. But is this a disadvantage?

The flame effect is also classic, i.e. it is based on an LED flame with burning logs. It has a heating function that can of course be turned off and use the flame effect itself. A big advantage (in my opinion) is the glass fireplace panel. It makes the flame effect larger and feels very natural. It also has a flame brightness control, but in this case, too, it is not known exactly how many levels it has. Regarding the heating effect, two levels are given, low 750W or high 1500W. The fireplace also has a remote control, fan heater and thermostat.

Comparing the photos, the flame seems very similar to each other.

The first major difference is size and shape. But Majestic takes the lead. It is a fireplace that will fit into any interior

In my opinion, a more reliable product is one that fits anywhere, has a removable hearth, like the Majestic. Has more flame effects

The Majestic 36 fireplace has arrived at the meteorite!

What do you think about these fireplaces? Or maybe you have some of your own types of wall electric fireplaces? Share the information 🙂


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