Corner in the electric fireplace.

In today’s article, I would like to introduce you to one small additional element that is found in some electric fireplaces, which is a corner.

An electric fireplace with a corner is extremely functional, it always looks good and you can remove the corner without any problem at any time.

Below the Aflamo fireplace, which show how the electric fireplace casing actually looks with the corner attached:

As you can see, the corners do not have a pulled-out angle, but are cut, which allows you to store anything behind the fireplace, pull the cables from the TV set, which you will put on the fireplace. In this way, you can arrange any room in a great way, and no one will know about the hiding place;)

Please note that not every electric fireplace is a corner fireplace, but every corner fireplace is a straight fireplace. The corner is mounted with screws, so when someone’s wife starts to make someone’s life difficult, because you want to remodel, renovate and something new in the room (no painting Dear Ladies, but you know that you like changes in the apartments: D), you can always disassemble the corner and this this is how we will get a simple fireplace, which we will put next to the wall, not in the corner 🙂

Simple electric fireplaces without a corner do not have appropriate drilled holes on the back of the casing and it is difficult to buy a corner not included in the set (sellers always offer them only in a package).

If you manage to buy the corner separately, you have to struggle to drill holes corresponding to the corner without damaging the fireplace casing, and of course you need to have a supply of screws.

The conclusion is that when ordering an electric fireplace, it is worth finding out if it is corner.

Having a corner fireplace is very functional, as it is known, there are different situations in life, moving, so you can always adjust the fireplace to a given room, without unnecessary nerves.

I believe that if it is possible to buy an electric fireplace with a corner, it is worth adding a few zlotys (about PLN 120) and buying it in a set 🙂

I invite you to see other corner fireplaces

corner fireplaces


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