A fireplace in the apartment, is it possible?

A flat, for example, in a block of flats, and a fireplace are issues that have not been associated with each other so far.

As I remember, apartment owners have always lacked such a climatic and creating an atmosphere element of equipment. Alone, often staying at my friend’s house, which has a real fireplace, I could not see the real flame. Fortunately, “a fireplace in the apartment?” yes it is possible 🙂

The solution to this problem may be the rapidly expanding range of electric fireplaces. As it turns out, the fireplace in the apartment is not a fad, and an increasing trend in the field of interior design and furnishings.

Once we decide on a specific model and type of an electric fireplace (about it in other entries), we do not have to worry about its connection. Most of the fireplaces available on our market operate on the usual 230V voltage. We do not have to worry about interfering with the electrical installation, all you need to do is connect the fireplace to an ordinary socket.

Importantly, during everyday use of an electric fireplace, we do not have to worry about:

providing fuel, fuel. The flame is obtained thanks to light bulbs, and in the latest models thanks to LED diodes.
additional room ventilation. We don’t need to bring fresh air to the smoking process.
the emission of any substances during the smoking process

An additional advantage of electric fireplaces, in addition to the typically decorative function and giving our apartments a cozy character, is the heating function. When we want to quickly heat up a room, we can successfully use a fireplace instead of running the entire heating installation in the apartment.

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