The benefits of having an electric fireplace

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Today I would like to introduce you to the benefits of having an electric fireplace at home.

  1. Comfort and convenience – We can control the eclectic fireplace with the included remote control. Thanks to this, we can change the functions of the fireplace, even from the couch. An additional advantage is the heating function, which can be used to warm the room on cool autumn or winter evenings. In addition, Aflamo electric fireplaces have a timer that automatically turns off the fireplace. You set it up and you forget. If you fall asleep, you don’t have to worry that the fireplace will work all night long. In addition, there is no need to ventilate the room and let cold or moist air in at the same time. No need to open the window and let in outside noise.

  2. Use it all year round – The flame in Aflamo electric fireplaces is independent of heating and allows you to use the fireplace all year round, even on hot days. You can turn the heating on or off at any time.

  3. Ease of use – You can forget about buying wood, chopping and storing with an electric fireplace. No more smoke, dust, and ash. You will no longer have to clean around the fireplace and clean it inside.

  4. Health and safety – The glass in Aflamo electric fireplaces does not heat up and is therefore safe for children and animals. The heater’s safety sensors will turn off the heating if the warm air outlet is blocked.

  5. Turn off smog – Electric fireplaces are ecological. They do not emit carbon dioxide and other harmful substances into the atmosphere, such as wood and gas fireplaces.

  6. Without worrying about high bills – LED technology in Aflamo electric fireplaces provides a very low cost, which is about 1-2 gr / h depending on the model. The built-in window sensor will turn off the heating when it senses a sudden drop in temperature.

  7. Efficient heating – Aflamo fireplaces have a built-in heater that has 2 power levels to choose from. The thermostat allows you to achieve and maintain a comfortable temperature in the range of 18-27 ° C.

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