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Today I would like to introduce you to classic models of fireplaces that are completely new!
Electric fireplaces called Milo have recently appeared on the market. It is a 2in1 fireplace – the manufacturer of Classic Flame presents it as a MODERN and CLASSIC model. The point is that the fireplace has a removable top, which is why it is presented as two versions of the model.

This model has a range of casing colors to choose from: white, wenge, walnut, oak – so it is able to fit into any possible room. The fireplace is a typical classic among many fancy fireplaces, but please remember that it does not make it worse 🙂
I am one of those people who appreciate the classics and it caught my attention. The fireplace is precisely and solidly made (and I have seen it with my own eyes) without any drawbacks.
The 23 inch 3D refill that has a beautiful contrast to each of these housing colors. This cartridge is the most modern technology of the 3D effect. Its flame passes through the burning logs, which makes it look like a living fire. You can find more about the 3D effect in the article about cartridges.

Fireplace dimensions:

height: 90 cm
width: 90 cm
depth: 30 cm
weight of the fireplace: 33 kg

Tell me what more could you want? The fireplace is nice, solid and precise. The doe presents itself in every room. This model is one of the few classic fireplaces on the market. Now most companies go to various miracles, forgetting the modest classics, which are nevertheless valued. Its market price is PLN 1,879, which in my opinion is not much for such a well-made piece of furniture.

Below, let me throw a few photos of this fireplace model to show the difference what a fireplace looks like with and without a top 🙂 All in all, a nice thing with disassembling the top for people who like changes 🙂

Vigo fireplaces from above (white walnut, rustical oak)

More information about these fireplaces can be found here:

Vigo fireplaces


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