Bio fireplace or electric fireplace?

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Today I was so overwhelmed and I came to the conclusion that there was no BIO fireplace comparison on my blog, but an electric fireplace. My guess is that many people have a problem with choosing a fireplace model for themselves, and each seller, as you know, always praises only his own. I had a BIO fireplace myself, and now I use an electric fireplace so I have some comparison and some suggestions 🙂

Let’s start with BIO fireplaces:

BIOFireplace Stellar 100

As soon as I made my purchase, I was delighted. A beautiful flame that made a great impression on us and my friends – that would be it.
Over time, smoking was quite troublesome, fire as you know burns oxygen, so you need to circulate the air in the room.
I was terribly irritated by one more and very important reason why I put this fireplace in a corner.
When buying fuel, there is a problem of how much calorific value it has. It is known that each of the available BIO fuels has a different calorific value and origin. This affects the appearance of the flames tremendously. One fuel makes it look great, another makes the flame blue, and another makes the flame small and not very attractive. In addition, each fuel gives off a smell that is also not very pleasant for our sense of smell.
The fuel we buy also generates quite high costs.

It was then that electric fireplaces appeared on the market, which for me are amazing. It is a great alternative for people who are disappointed with the BIO fireplace.
Now there are great technologies in electric cartridges that I wrote about in the article.

An electric fireplace with a 3D insert is more efficient and more economical. Their power consumption for the heating effect in PLN is about 75 groszy per hour, but during this time it will heat the room to the temperature you set and turn off. When the thermostat notices a drop in room temperature, the additional heating is switched on again. The flame is very realistic, passing through wooden logs and looks alive!
No BIO fuel or air circulation needed. You turn on the fireplace with the remote control, you set the heating (please remember that the BIO fireplace does not have heating, and if it is very insignificant)
The heating effect is not integrated with the flame, so the fireplace can be used visually.

I personally have a BIO fireplace and an electric LED fireplace and I am more for electric fireplaces. They are more practical, more efficient, they have a greater sense of existence for me. They warm, keep you warm, they look great. They fulfill many functions.

Or maybe you have any experience with a bio fireplace or an electric fireplace?
I am happy to read your comparisons 🙂


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